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The humanized design of the mobile medical cart makes the operation more convenient

Time:2020-03-04 Views:127
The new minimalist design of the mobile medical cart focuses on the functional practicability of the mobile medical cart, and adopts the international mainstream lifting method, which is safe, reliable and stable. The designer also designed a modular structure for the RV, which is friendly to human-computer interaction, and can freely lift the work area according to the different heights of users. Information docking and interconnection through the hospital wireless network can be perfectly integrated with your hospital management system; it can instantly understand patient information and help you make more accurate decisions.

Our medical cart is based on high-definition video conferencing system and integrates medical industrial PC, medical display screen and other equipment, which can not only realize high-definition video communication, but also collect patients‘ ECG, blood pressure, ultrasound, electronic medical records, inspection reports, Medical images and other medical data are transmitted to the remote expert side, so that the remote expert can fully grasp the patient information and make accurate diagnosis, and can also log in to the hospital information system locally to make records such as doctor‘s orders, which greatly improves the efficiency of remote consultation. .

Telemedicine consultation establishes a new connection between medical experts and patients, so that patients can receive consultations from remote experts in the original hospital and receive treatment and care under their guidance, which can save doctors and patients a lot of time and money. . Telemedicine has been widely used in many hospitals in China. It uses computer, communication, medical technology and equipment to realize "face-to-face" consultation between experts and patients, experts and medical staff in different places through the long-distance transmission of data, text, voice and image data. Greatly solve the major problem of medical resource imbalance.

The laptop trolley cart adopts medical-specific silent double-sided casters, which are stable and smooth. The front 2 casters are double-pedal full-braking casters with 360-degree brake control without dead angle, and the rear 2 casters are universal full-free casters. The base shell is made of ABS engineering plastic, which has good stability and is easy to clean and maintain. The base frame of high-strength metal structure has high bearing capacity and strong stability. The base is equipped with a foot pedal mechanism for table lift control.