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Company Profile

Shenzhen Xinqiao Automation Co., Ltd.
Changan Nbridge International Ltd(Abbreviation: NBRIDGE)
Shenzhen Xinqiao Automation Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise engaged in precision parts machining and medical equipment design and manufacturing. The company is located nearby the beautiful Shiyan lake, 16 kilometers distance to the high speed railway station and moreover it only takes half an hour to drive to Shenzhen airport.
The company was founded in 2011. After ten years of development, the number of employees has increased from four to five to more than thirty. Our customers expand to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Oceania and other parts of the world. Business scope from single mechanical parts machining expanded to the medical industry equipment structure design, development, manufacturing, automation equipment parts machining and other related fields.
Over the past ten years, adhering to the business principle of “customer first” and focusing on servicing customers with professional, meticulous and thoughtful technical services, we had gradually established our quality management system and got the certification of ISO9001 in 2013, last year, we also passed the ISO13485 certification, which is the quality management system certification for medical device.
With the continuous improvement management system and gradually established excellent working atmosphere, we gathered and trained high-quality spirit team members. We built a technical team led by a senor engineer with more than 20 years technical working experience, and focus on process innovations for parts with high precision and high appearance requirements, which create more value for our customers and be highly appreciated by our customers all over the world.
Shenzhen Xinqiao Automation Co., Ltd. will provide high quality medical devices and integration solutions in the global medical industry and would be your appropriate partner!
By dedicating ourselves specifically to the healthcare industry, we have been able to develop a unique understanding of the interaction between medical devices, users, and healthcare environments. In collaboration with our partners and customers, we create products that are utilized in virtually all healthcare settings, to provide secure positioning, mobility, and ergonomic access to medical devices and computer hardware. Overall, we are committed to developing the tools and solutions to enable caregivers to deliver improved patient care.
We have been dedicated to building the highest-quality, reliable, and durable solutions for healthcare providers and OEMs. Find out what industry experience, commitment to quality, and expert engineering can do for you – contact us today.
Mounting solutions for medical device OEM partners range from off-the-shelf to completely custom products. In between are hybrid products, which combine standard and custom components to form a unique solution – all manufactured under our ISO 13485 certified quality system.
Mission Statement
We have created innovative mobile vehicle solutions for healthcare, educational venues and medical equipment companies, etc. We are committed to unleashing the power of collaboration technology through exquisite, simple and smart products, enabling users to operate mobile devices in an ergonomic way, thereby making the world a better place.
Quality Control
The quality is controlled internally by the company. The company has advanced quality testing equipment, Successively cooperated with Alibaba and platforms. We have successively passed the on-site on-site certification of the world‘s leading testing company TUV and Intertek . Passed ISO9000, ISO13485 quality management system certification.