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Super network adaptability of mobile medical cart

Time:2020-03-04 Views:107

Mobile medical trolley enable telemedicine services to be mobilized, enabling telemedicine to go out from professional consultation rooms and directly extend to the bedside of patients in wards or operating rooms, making it more convenient to serve doctors and patients.

The mobile medical trolley can conveniently log in to the hospital information system locally to make records such as doctor‘s orders, which greatly improves the efficiency of remote consultation. It can not only realize high-definition video communication, but also collect the patient‘s ECG, blood pressure, ultrasound, electronic medical records, inspection reports, medical images and other medical data and transmit it to the remote expert side, so that the remote expert can fully grasp the patient information and do To make accurate diagnosis, taking into account the working characteristics of nurses, the wireless mobile nursing car adopts wireless network connection, which can easily access the hospital intranet in the wireless coverage area, optimizing clinical medical treatment, nurse task management and other work.

At the same time, the wireless Medical nursing tablet trolley cart has super network adaptability and anti-packet loss capability. It adopts the latest H.264 encoding and decoding technology and patented anti-network packet loss technology, which greatly improves the image compression efficiency. Users can provide more realistic, clearer and smoother pictures, and have 20% network anti-packet loss capability, ensuring stable audio and video communication in different network environments.

The mobile medical cart is also professionally designed in terms of security. The system includes H.235 signaling encryption, AES media stream encryption, TLS signaling encryption and SRTP media stream encryption technology, which provides end-to-end security protection and greatly ensures the consultation process. The security of the network prevents the leakage of patient and medical information in the process of telemedicine. The super network adaptability meets diversified applications.